Zimbabwe Excellence Awards 2017: How they line up

Julius Shamu reading a zimbabwedigitalnews themed Zimbabwe Excellence Awards souvenir newspaper edition

By Julius Shamu

What do these companies that are run by Zimbabweans have in common? A driving school, a bus company, a funeral policy company, a television company, a removals company, a herbal products company, a clothing line and a restaurant?

Nothing you would think… except that these entities are vying for the prestigious Business organisation of the year at the 2017 Zimbabwe Excellence Awards ceremony, at Cape Town’s Kelvin Grove Conference Centre on 15 April 2017.

Coming from a successful second edition of the Zimbabwe Excellence Awards 2016 which saw last year’s winners of small business ‘The N7 farmers’ gracing the headlines throughout the world, we are buoyant of the 3rd edition of the awards event with much anticipation of whose going to break the record of the N7 farmers.
The event remains committed to it’s cause of bringing people from all walks of life together, to recognise, acknowledge and reward excellence. Despite the enormous challenges of those running their businesses in the diaspora, individuals and companies continue to be resilient and continue to excel in their various projects and businesses. see link:  see link http://skynewszimbabwe.com/2016/04/02/you-are-all-winners-dear-friends/
The awards seek to honour these individuals as they remain a source of inspiration to the rest of the community. The build up of the awards started by calling for nominations which began in earnest mid November 2016 till mid December 2016. Contrary to what people might want to think. The nomination process ran for a month which gave people the opportunity to nominate those whom they deemed fit to be doing well and raising the Zimbabwean & South African flags high.

This was circulated on most social media pages, top among them zimbabwedigitalnews.com and skynewszimbabwe.com, and reached a wide audience.

The judges received this information and came up with a shortlist which they worked according to set criteria. see link:  see link http://skynewszimbabwe.com/2016/04/02/you-are-all-winners-dear-friends/

This year we are also going to be honouring a few individuals who have played a significant role in the community for many years through a recognition award. There’s a lot to expect this year from entertainment to networking with some of our invited guests led by our Cape Town Consular General Mr Bonface Mugobogobo.

Sponsors & partners for this year awards event include:

Mukuru Money Transfer, Impress Clothing, Shamstone Production, Uhuru Management Training in Africa, Maps Graphics, Wakati Trust, AV Studios, Standard Film, ACT African Restaurant, Bra Stu Driving School, Dreamworld Promotions, Manlee Construction and zimbabwedigitalnews.com.

Here are the nominees:
Businessman of the year award

Stuart Mugabe
Shakespear Mangazira
Moreboys Munetsi: http://zimbabwedigitalnews.com/2017/02/14/moreboys-munetsi-denies-joining-the-da/
Bright Chimutashu
Charles Mandaza
Jackson Mukahanana
Patson Lunga

Business Organisation of the year award

Bra Stu Driving School
Chiwha Tours
Zororo Phumlani
Zondex TV: http://skynewszimbabwe.com/2016/06/16/julius-shamus-equal-access-television-with-a-difference/
Leopard Removals
Eden All Natural
Dharican International
Kubu Restaurant

Businesswoman of the year award

Faith Mukwakwamu (Exclusive hair Saloon)
Medwine Mazonde (Maiguru hair saloon)
Belinda (Bump & Ride)
Rejoice Debra Matake (Eden All Natural)

Small business of the year award

Dengu Online Groceries: http://zimbabwedigitalnews.com/2017/02/14/how-to-speak-emoticon-and-buy-dengu-groceries-online/
Maps Graphics
Wasilla Projects
Ncore Financials

Music Group

Africentiq Culture (Shamie)
Kingdom Sensation

Community leader of the year award

Edmore Mazungunye (Mother’s love educare & Marinatha home of the elderly): http://skynewszimbabwe.com/2016/06/06/wave-makers-of-zimbabwe-edmore-mazungunye/
Zimbo Awa (Aviation Foundation)
Nqobizitha Hobane (Ukhozi girls)
Delphino Machikicho (Waumbe Youth Development): http://skynewszimbabwe.com/2016/05/31/hashtagzimbabwethisflag-the-delphino-machikicho-diaries-part-one/


Simon Manda (This ability Newspaper)
Tariro Washinyira (Ground up)

Entertainment Personality of the year award

Witness Morgan Chasara (DJ Wity Morgan Stitch)
Lewis Durango (DJ King Lad)
Petros Chimombe (DJ Pliers)
Winnet Chinyanga (DJ Winnie)

Personality of the year award

Innocent Chakanyuka
Tinashe Chingwaru
Kudzai Richard Ndoro
Tinashe Nyamudoka

Young upcoming entrepreneur of the year award

Elite Models (Takudzwa Kamukondiwa) see link: http://skynewszimbabwe.com/2016/05/16/exclusive-the-donna-kays-weekend-e-diary/
Previous Kakora (Crotchet Designs)
Munyaradzi Nkomo (Immigration Specialists)
Kelvin Manlee (Manlee Construction)

Artist of the year

Lloyd Mponda (King Labash)
Lencoine Shumbayaonda (Carter B)
Munashe Lawrence (Goba)
Edmore Mazungunye: http://skynewszimbabwe.com/2016/06/06/wave-makers-of-zimbabwe-edmore-mazungunye/
Elvis Magazeni
Tawanda Quinton Chikowore (PS Quint)

DJ of the year award

Witness Morgan Chasara (DJ Morgan Stitch)
Lewis Durango (DJ King Lad)
Petros Chimombe (DJ Pliers)
Winnet Chinyanga (DJ Winnie)
Julius Shamu reading a zimbabwedigitalnews themed Zimbabwe Excellence Awards souvenir newspaper edition

Please click on the link below to vote. Voting closes on the 18th of March 2017.



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