Lessons from Gabon: Inside the frustrations of Zimbabwe Warriors fans

The Warriors were in a group with teams ranked 1st, 4th & 5th ( Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria). Would it not have been a miracle had they qualified to the next round?



Cuthbert Murwisi: I refuse to associate myself with the nonsense I am seeing from this Zimbabwe team. Would rather sleep and go to work early tomorrow. The coach got it wrong with his unrealiable defense from match day one but stuck to them.

Ronald Tisauke: So the #Warriors didn’t make it past the group stages, here is how I feel about it….It is not fair or nice, how suddenly they are under attack for not making the cut. They are ranked 30th in Africa, and made it to a top 16 tournament, is that not impressive enough?
They were in a group with teams ranked 1st, 4th & 5th ( Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria). Would it not have been a miracle had they qualified to the next round? When coach managed to get the team to qualify, he was hailed a saviour, now that they are out, you want him fired? What kind of supporters are you?

Thabani Lovemore Maphosa: Fellow Warriors supporters, Zimbabweans, Diasporeans and others, the embarrassing Gabon trip has really sunk in me. It was a tragedy of big proportions and once again our gullibility was exposed. Some strongly believed we could bag the trophy others felt quarters were in sight with what they termed the best Warriors. May the national coaches forgive Petros Mhari, Peter Muduwa and Clement Matawu for being good and ignored last year.

Mapulani Focus Chabayanzara: Continuously supporting warriors,eish. My chances of committing suicide are getting higher and higher every minute…rega ndiridze mapositori hangu.

Lynnete Ronica: I am not insinuating that Kalisto Pasuwa is a good coach. Far from it.He has his shortcomings and we could write a whole book about them having probably cost the team. However my argument is that it is not a given that if a notebook is used during a game, teams will do well.Maybe his assistants did assist him with whatever information he needed despite that we didn’t see them taking notes.

Guthrie Munyuki: My biggest problem with the coach is that he failed to address the defence frailties exposed in the match against Senegal. It was criminal to ship in two goals in the first 22 minutes in two consecutive matches. And it was baffling that he went with the same defence in those two consecutive matches (Senegal and Tunisia). My take is Pasuwa is a good coach who needs someone experienced to guide him on the international stage. He has a lot to learn!

Moreboys Munetsi: Our players to improve they should go to Europe. Absa league is okay but not the best.

Kenneth Mazonde: You can blame the coach, this player or that player but what role did Zifa play to ensure that the national soccer team performed according to expectations? Unashamedly, the mother body went to town about our players being amongst the well paid in the continental showpiece, do you really believe them? I beg to differ. The players can’t tell you where the issue is in public for fear of victimisation.

Jonathan Taderera: Let the warriors come back home. Be happy they made it to Gabon. Everyone go back to work, no dirty talk about my country again from now going forward

Mashudu Kenneth Sadike: Yesterday was not a good day for our neighbour Robert Mugabe, in actual fact, it was a nightmare. First it was his beloved EFF, the red beret’s Julius Malema reading him the riot act about his staying in power, then in what he thought would be his silver lining (qualifying for the second round of AFCON), the Tunisian national soccer team eliminated Zimbabwe from the tournament in a 4-2 humiliation.

Clutton Patsika: Somebody advice our coach to dress for the occassion. He looked like a guy picked from some haystack I mean really. Why dont we just not go to these tournaments until we can afford them.

Felix Ngamanya Sapao: Pasuwa should be encouraged to remain on the hot seat but ZIFA has to work on him getting more training, but this time in Europe for him to get a UEFA A and then UEFA Pro License. Doing well at an AFCON is a process and the process starts with the experience the boys got in Gabon. Now he has to bring in some youth into the squad but retain most of the boys. Target going to the next round in 2019 and winning in 2021.

Ntombizodwa Zoe Sibanda: Akulahlwa mbeleko ngokufelwa. #proudly Zimbo #next time bazasibona.

Truthness Sibanda Ntombi: Our national soccer team needs fixing first and foremost. We gotta be able to hire the best coach and have world class facilities for our team. Right now if a young man gets an opportunity to go to play overseas, I am told some officials won’t release him until he pays a certain amount of money as bribe. As a result our young people end up not playing at an international level, lacking the exposure they need. This is why we need more than just faith to win.

Blessing Ivan Vava: Have done myself a favour, did not watch the soccer. Handidi blood pressure.

Gondai Mazhuwa: If only Knowledge Musona was fit.. His touches were full of quality… Honestly Mushekwi is a write off.. Not even a single shot at goal.. Tendai Ndoro was full of energy but never used properly … However… All our poor showing at Afcon squarely rests with ZIFA. Our preparations were as poor as Zvirekwi’s marking.. Back to the drawing board.. Next qualifiers for Cameroone 2019 starting soon and we in the same group with DRC… Congo Brazzaville and Liberia.

Gen Isaac Wekwa Mutasa: President Mugabe must invoke the Presidential Powers(temporary measures act) and suspend all international competitions to curb the sudden increase in high blood pressure by Zimbabweans

Jesca Maromo: The same people u are critising played their butts off to put Zim on the map, got a little of respect for getting draw with Algeria. Just because they lost with Senegal that even all the other big names in that tournament are scared of with just 2 goals doesnt mean they are that bad…Endaika imi munogona kutamba muuye neCup…..kungogona kushoropodza chete…

Stephen Leonard: Why cant we have tried and tested coaches. Pasuwa lacks basic tactical skills. You are 4-1 down and he only made 1 substitution. Nhamoinesu was just hanging on a yellow and was struggling.

Shepard Dube: The guys did not have a coach, never saw him on touchline in the first half. Players wanted direction from coach. They had to withdraw from attacking football and defend to stabilize and then launch counter attacks, I am not a coach but just observed it. You cant keep on attacking leaving your gate undefended, my foot. Its good they are back, lets watch guys from boys remaining in the hit.

Mziwandile Ndlovu: The team is not overally mediocre. Vele kunjalo singadliwa. We all want to exaggerate how bad we are. There were a number of factors militating against us. But the truth is that this team that has performed so badly has a crop of some of the finest players we have seen in a long time. What is pathetic about this campaign is the coach, the worst ever. The clueless Pasuwa failed to marshal a dream attack for any coach.

Innocent Mtizwa: Zimbabwean soccer – too much corruption. Mushekwi was doing nonsense from the first game but he played all 3 games full-time, rubbish. Zim should consider Mashaba for coach! Pasuwa doesn’t know what he’s doing, he doesn’t the combination of his players, Ndoro, Musona, Billiat and Mahachi never played all of them together. When Musona was in last night did you see how they were playing compared to 1st half. Billiat naNdoro vaisatamba kana.


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