Zimbabwe versus Algeria: Warriors fans speak their minds



Morgan Tsvangirai: I understand the frustrating experience of our Warriors in the run-up to this tournament. At one time they were promised housing stands but nothing was done. Instead we have seen stands being irregularly and unprocedurally being given to Zanu PF youths at the expense of our patriotic sportsmen as well as our history-making football women—the Mighty Warriors.

It became a collective national shame when we all heard that our Warriors could not use the National Sports stadium for training because football authorities had failed to raise the US$60 needed for the use of the venue. Such ineptitude during a national team’s preparation just sums up our sad and embarrassing story of failed national leadership.

Lewis M Nyambabvu: Madzibaba Callisto Pasuwa got it all wrong. No game plan or strategy, second half was pathetic. High time vambomira kupinza chipositori mubhora, level rachinja.

Trust Sithole: Ko iyi kit yema Warriors? Asi yakatengwa kuMagaba kanhi?

Job Wiwa Sikhala: What a football fiesta we were given by the warriors yesterday: When everyone throughout the world thought Zimbabwe were just bridesmaids at the Total Africa Cup of Nation our Warriors proved to all and sundry that they are equally to the task. Our boys played scintillating football and no doubt Khama Billiart was just as brilliant as the much vaunted Mahrez. Willard Katsande was so solid in the midfield that you would think he trades his football in Europe. What a feast of football we enjoyed yesterday.

Whisper Makuni Ganya: I am not satisfied, and I think they should have won that match. The coach should have made early substitutes to help the mid as we were fire fighting all second half. Ndoro is the leading goal scorer in SA and was supposed to come in and on time say @70 min not Malajila ! They only played well first half and goofball is a 90Min game. Why should people be so excited about a draw when we should have won the match. #Winning Mentally.

Allen Chikuruwo: They knew the Algerians were going to come more aggressive in search for an equalizer and a winner,so they tried to protect that goal they had. Zimbabwe was quite lucky in the first half and second half also, and they were lucky to score those two goals. Algerians fluffed many chances both in the first and second half, they failed to convert corners, free kicks in the 18 ,many balls were on the verge of scoring, they were quite unlucky. Now we focus on Senegal we need to win or draw, a lose is unpalatable.

Ashelly Gogwe: We just need a great tactician who can utilize the great talent at his disposal. We have players to compete and win at any level of competition. Team iri kushota coach chete.

Freeman Chari: The players need to be 90 minute players. Billiat and Mahachi were tired around 71st minute. Katsande played well together with Danny Phiri. Matthew Rusike did well in the midfield, he covered for the lack of marking from Billiat and Mahachi in the later minutes, that was risky too given he was on a yellow card. Katsande must careful with his tackles. Mushekwi was great both in attack and defence. Bhasera played his socks out . The throw in boy –Zvirekwi needs to work more on positioning, he was beaten three times in the air. The CBs were good. The first goal was nerves more than anything. All in all, we need to be more clinical and learn to control the game. Good game it was.

Phillip Mhembere: It was a good game but it seems our players are not match fit to last the whole 90 mins.ther were to many blind passes from our players as if they were not seeing each other,unnecesary loss of posession,and domant midfield in the second half.khama billiart was zim’s man of the match but overall the algerian goalkeeper was the man of the night.

Dalaz Ropa: Zim football has come of age that was some scintillating display by the boys, kudos go to the coaches in particular Madzibaba Kalisto, the whole team had a solid game but we got tired towards the end, if only Malajila had had the presence of mind to square that ball to the unmarked player inside the box we would be celebrating a famous victory. Nonetheless we praise the performance of the whole team and wish a speedy recovery to the Silent Assassin “Knowledge Musona”.

Tonderai Makaniwa: I tell my son Zim is putting on yellow and Algeria white, and he goes ko uyo akapfeka black arikutambira team ipi? ….the problem of watching too many cartoons!!!

Bonnie Chimanikire: Since South Africa didn’t qualify for Afcon I think it’s only fair that they support team Zimbabwe all the way..lol..100% Because of: 1) The number of Zimbabweans living in SA 2) The number of Zimbabweans in the PSL. Imagine: Mukuruva, Hady, Muroiwa, Costa, Bhasera, Katsande, Decco, Khama, Musona, Kuda, Mushekwi. Chero real Madrid haimiri! Go Warriors

Pastor-Bloom Tizora: Lets thank the Almighty God for yet another week. Also lets thank him for yet another Monday. Some of us yesterday were wishing bad luck to the #warriors but unfortunately My God helped them to make a draw. Everyone knows Algeria is a big team but with God we managed to hold them. So nothing is impossible with God. Don’t forget to pray for our boys everyday.

Stephen Musiiwa: I understand that Algerian defender went for a scan soon after the match to check his spine.

Africanson: Great stuff from Pasuwa, he has done extremely well. Every report on both public and private media, never gave the warriors a chance against Algeria. This is a good result by any standard considering the team we played against. If we have managed to collect a point from Algeria what can stop the team from collecting maximum points in the next game. Now some people are saying the warriors must have collected 3 points yet yesterday they were saying we will receive a harvest of goals from Algeria.

Cuthbert Murwisi: Khama Billiat is stealing the limelight from the big names. And then the whole of Hillbrow, Berea and Yeoville erupts. But what a lazy goalkeeper we have.

Tafadzwa McNorman Muzamindo: Zimbabweans always have something negative to say handty,… Remember kuti we were playing with Algeria number 3 mu Africa yese.


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