Online groceries – the Dengu way – for the Zimbabwean diaspora


We provide the opportunity for Zimbabweans abroad to purchase grocery hampers for their families in Zimbabwe, it is convenient, affordable and reliable, says Frank Mushakavanhu. meets Dengu Co-Founder Frank Mushakavanhu

How it started
I co-founded the business with a good friend of mine and for now we will keep our private lives out of the limelight, and we rather focus on the business. What I can say now is that we are Zimbabweans who believe in taking problems head-on, and we try to come up with solutions for everyday problems.
I am greatly inspired by Strive Masiyiwa.
Dengu is a subsidiary of a bigger company PaMusika Multimedia founded last year and is marketing oriented.
This isn’t a new idea at all, to be honest we have had online shops for a while most of our competitors are years ahead, but it really does not matter because we are looking at being bigger and better because we developed this idea with the Zimbabwean community in mind.
More like for us by us. Our model is a different and unique because online shops focus on gaining profit from deliveries and putting a high percentage more on the goods.
Our prices are fair and comparable with most of the grocery stores.
I have been involved in building a lot of people’s dream but I have decided it’s high time I start building my own dream at PaMusika.
I have worked in the money transfer business for the past two years and I have gained a lot of exposure with my daily interactions with customers sending money back home and this is how the idea came about.
It was the idea that we could rather start and build upon a grocery remittance business.
I believe most of the Zimbabweans in the diaspora have at one time sent money for groceries only to be told that the money was used for something else and you had to send again.
What better way to budget for your family groceries than when you shop with Dengu.
We provide the opportunity for Zimbabweans abroad to purchase grocery hampers for their families in Zimbabwe, it is convenient, affordable and reliable.
With the increased popularity in mobile money transfers, we introduce you to a mobile grocery transfer option. An online platform that provides an easy and affordable way to buy groceries for your family from the comfort of your home or office.
Dengu is an African winnowing basket that is used to carry freshly picked produce from the fields to the house.
At Dengu we have identified a need in the society, to find easy, alternative ways of sending goods by just the click of a button.
The growing rate of migrant workers is the foundation of this innovative solution.
We are still in our infancy stage so we are starting off with a couple of hampers, but we are developing the concept into a fully fledged prices.
Our business is based more on a small profits quick return model as we are sourcing our goods from wholesalers and breaking bulk and offering competitive prices.

After the government introduced the SI64 instrument we believe that we are playing our part on the buy Zimbabwe initiative and also encouraging people to buy from Zimbabwe than send goods. The convenience of 24 hours and the security that your groceries will be delivered unlike the traditional Malayitsha route.

How it works
You select your pre-packaged hamper, then you pay for your groceries, your recipient has a choice to either collect from our collection point or pay delivery (R50 around Harare) currently we are delivering around Harare but we have Mutare and Bulawayo coming in December.
In Zimbabwe we have partnered with Quick Bikes as our delivery partners and so far they haven’t disappointed as there are quick and efficient.

The future
Currently the orders are coming in as we more on a brand awareness drive but we have attracted a lot of interest. We are working on easier payment methods. And we have a financial service provider that has a huge presence in Zimbabwe who we have partnered with.
We are looking into be a fully fledged online grocery and also a wish list, where you create your own shopping list for special items like hardware or Uniforms we then shop and deliver for you (Harare Only).



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