This currency is what you are worth, Zimbabwe


In my opinion I’d rather make noise about the bond currency knowing I have a permanent solution to the crisis at hand, than what we are seeing now – where people just hate the idea of the bond note.

By Admire Maramba
First of all the bond note is a creation by the government of President Robert Mugabe, and I should add, some few elements within the government of Zimbabwe, as a solution to the current economic turmoil that Zimbabwe is buckling under.
Since they are the people in charge of the country at present, they have a right to come up with solutions to situations arising at any particular time.
On the other hand, ourselves – as ordinary Zimbabweans and society leaders – feel that the government should have consulted the Zimbabweans before putting the bond note into effect.
As a result, we are now faced with a situation where the country is divided regarding the introduction of the bond note.
In my opinion I’d rather make noise knowing I have a permanent solution to the crisis at hand than what we are seeing now – where people just hate the idea of the bond note.
As a result the people’s leaders are creating hatred amongst the people they lead instead of engaging people for a solution and possibly present it to the authorities to consider it for implementation.
Whose country are we destroying here? Our own. Is it not surprising that Zimbabwe has been using the bond currency, in coins, for more than a year now and it proved to work – just.
All the noise now is because we have notes on top of the coins which I think is not a justified cause for concern. Politicians are taking advantage of the situation and trying to score but in the end they need to consider the effect this will have on Zimbabwe.
I am not, by any means, supporting the Zanu-PF government, but I am also against mobilising people for wrong things. That, in all certainity, will have serious consequences on the people.
Why not behave like adults and present our case in an amicable manner. If the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor’s plan will work, it’s a matter of playing a wait and see attitude because taking to the streets will not remove the bond note.
We know this government. Zimbabweans need to learn to work in unity and stop fighting everything. It is time to shame those who initiate violence to gain political mileage and change our mindset towards our country.
Whilst the bond note seems to be providing a solution to the liquidity crisis, it is likely to be on a short term basis and more disaster is likely to loom. It is more like the government has shot itself in the arm, and soon they will be crying foul.
This idea of disconnecting from the people and dictate orders is a wrong move. Within the people there are experts who have solutions to fix the country’s economy but unfortunately there is no-one to consider and listen to them.
Finally, I urge Zimbabweans to desist from being used by politicians for personal gains.
People should analyse everything and be able to place themselves where they are governed according to their worth.
I believe Zimbabweans have the brains and capacity to detect their own future and the time to start is now.

Maramba is President of Next Generation Movement. The views expressed in this column belong to Next Generation, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinion of


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