Russian fighter jets, helicopters, artillery for Zimbabwe National Army

By Sputnik News

Kubinka, Moscow: Zimbabwe may be interested in acquiring Russian artillery, fighter jets and helicopters being showcased at the Army-2016 international military and technical forum near Moscow, Zimbabwe’s Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi said.

Sputnik quoted Minister Sekeramayi saying that he – and the Zimbabwean delegation – was impressed with Russian military and armament units on display at Kubinka, Moscow, and that Zimbabwe was interested in the hardware.

Zimbabwe has joined over 80 foreign delegations participating at Army Forum 2016, representing almost half of the world’s countries and was being hailed as a crowning achievement for Russia’s foreign policy.

Over 800 Russian and foreign participants are involved in some 7 000 exhibitions throughout this week. The forum’s participants and guests are attending a number of conferences and roundtables to discuss the future development of military technology.

“It is a very good exhibition and the ground forces assets that have been shown are very impressive. There are some that we are very interested in and that we will be discussing with the relevant authorities. At this point in time we are still assessing and are coming to a conclusion on what we want to acquire from here but that could be artillery, jet fighters, helicopters,” Sekeramayi said.

The Army-2016 expo, organised by the Russian Defense Ministry, kicked off on Tuesday and is due to last through Sunday.

Dozens of military and armament units are on display, but the one that undoubtedly stole the show was the Kailbr cruise missile which gained its global renown by accurately taking out terrorists in Syria from several countries away.

Russian media said the military expo was a crowning achievement for international Russian diplomacy which is never far from hostilities with Washington.

“Just this fact alone (that over 80 countries are attending) proves that Moscow is not at all isolated like Washington and its mainstream media & NGO information outlets like to pretend that it is, let alone when it comes to the rest of the world’s interest in purchasing its top-notch state-of-the-art military equipment.

“Defense-related affairs are universally recognized as constituting a very high level of privileged partnership between two sides, so it’s both symbolic and substantial that so many countries have formally signaled their interest in purchasing Russian wares,” Sputnik reported.

Everyone is aware of this military mission, and the global audience was able to see just how effective Russia’s cruise missiles, bombs, jets, bombers, helicopters, warships, and other armaments are in fighting against the same type of terrorist threats that theoretically could pop up anywhere in the world.

The publication added: “Whereas body armor and small arms might be more attuned to what the Europeans need in responding to the sporadic outbreak of urban terrorism, their African counterparts might be better off with armored personnel carriers and helicopters in countering the territorial expansionism of Boko Haram and Al Shabaab for example.”


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